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It's Like a (truth serum) Cocktail Party!


Imagine mingling at a party where instead of making small talk and trading trivia, everyone is revealing personal secrets and surprises about themselves.  By the time you circulate around the room, you have a new bond with the partyers, a deeper understanding of their quirky natures and worldly experiences, a new appreciation for their backgrounds, personal history, and wisdom.


This party is happening online.


Participants in the online community affectionately known as the "Eduverse" have begun "tagging"  fellow members to invite them to post a list of "7 Little-Known Facts" about themselves to their blog.  On sites such as Twitter and Plurk, members of the Eduverse PLN (professional learning network or personal learning network) are reaching out to each other to go deeper than the ordinary, professional issues to reveal more personal information.


Do you want to participate? The rules are simple:  Post 7 little-known facts about yourself on your blog that will help the network learn more about you.  At the end, tag more members to contribute.  (It's helpful to send an announcement about the invitation to the invited member!).  Then, announce your blog post so others can read and enjoy your self-revelations.


That's where this wiki can help.  We want to compile the blog posts here so everyone can find the lists. Please add any blog post that you've created or visited here, with links to the lists.


To make your URL linkable, highlight it and click on the globe/hyperlink icon in the toolbar. That will activate it.


Have fun!


Username Name Link to URL address of List  
Plurk: BubblyThorp Anne Thorp http://anne7things.blogspot.com/

Plurk: metaweb

Twitter: metaweb20

Frank Stonehouse Lupo

The 21st Century Teacher - Frank's Blog

Plurk: yoyosciteach Patti Duncan http://duncansjunkdrawer.blogspot.com/
Plurk:stacy2009 Stacy Kasse


Plurk: tjshay  Terry Shay  TJ On a Journey  
Plurk: Alica (or AlicaVES) Alica Thomas http://adventuresofalica.blogspot.com/
Plurk: kmulford Kymberli Mulford http://kmulford.edublogs.org/  
Plurk:  Lori Lori Feldman http://is.gd/evVy
Plurk: skytrystsjoy Simon Brown http://cafechat.wordpress.com/   
Plurk: skipz Skip Zalneraitis skipz.edublogs.org/2008/12/26/seven-things/   
Plurk: visionsbyvicky Vicky Sedgwick http://vsedgwick.edublogs.org/2009/01/01/7-things-meme/  
Plurk: Nedrai Nedra Isenberg http://elementarytechteachers.edublogs.org/  
Twitter: kjarrett Kevin Jarrett http://www.ncs-tech.org/?p=2379  
Plurk: scipro18  Annette Holder  http://www.raiderphysicalscience.blogspot.com   
Plurk: paulbogush  Paul Bogush  http://www.blogush.edublogs.org  
Plurk: jlwagner Jennifer Wagner http://jenuinetech.com/blog/?p=784  
Plurk/twitter: musictechie Carol Broos http://www.beatechie.com/2009/01/04/youve-been-tagged-seven-things-about-me-you-didnt-know/  
Twitter: ErnieEaster Ernie Easter http://bitbybitseedlings.ning.com/profiles/blogs/seven-things-about-me-meme  
Plurk/Twitter: Sharon_Elin Sharon Elin http://edutwist.com/elin/7-things/
Plurk: GingerTPLC Ginger Lewman GingerSnapz!  (sorry, raw links are a petpeeve)  
Plurk: Edventures  John Martin  Life's Apprentice on johnericmartin.com   

Twitter: carolskyring

Carol Skyring CarolSkyring  

Plurk: nnorris

Twitter: nnorris

Nadine Norris Life Long Learning  



Wendy Sigele TeachMeMoreTech  
Plurk: KarinB Karin Beil

Coming soon!

Plurk/Twitter: kcaise Kim Caise http://kcaise.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/seven-things-about-me-meme/  
Plurk: Heidi Heidi Pence http://hpence.blogspot.com  
Plurk: alihall Alison Hall http://allinbitsandpieces.blogspot.com/
Plurk/Twitter: Roswellsgirl Martha Thornburgh




Twitter adinasullivan

Plurk adinasullivan

Adina Sullivan  How Do We Get From Here to There?  
Twitter: kmcg2375 Kelli McGraaw http://kellimcgraw.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/7-things-you-dont-need-to-know-about-me-meme/  
Plurk/Twitter: mindelei Mindelei Wuori http://mindelei.edublogs.org/2009/01/06/seven-things-you-probably-dont-need-to-know-about-me/   
Plurk/Twitter: jomcleay Jo McLeay 7 things you don't need to know about me  
Twitter: tylerbreed  Tyler Reed  http://onourmindsatscholastic.blogspot.com/2009/01/seven-things-you-dont-know-about.html  
Plurk/Twitter: loonyhiker  Pat Hensley  http://successfulteaching.blogspot.com/2009/01/seven-things-you-dont-need-to-know.html   



Diane Cordell Journeys

Twitter & more :


Judy O'Connell

Seven things you don't need to know...about me!


Twitter & Plurk: dschink Debbie Schinker

Seven in Nine


Twitter: paulawhite

Plurk: digitchr

Paula White Why 7? We all have more, so how do we choose?  
Milobo Michelle Bourgeois

Seven Things




Scott Shelhart Outside Looking In  
Plurk/Twitter: mhobkirk Mari Hobkirk Seven Things You May Not Need to Know About Me  
Purk/Twitter scout7 Patti Harju Seven Things  
Twitter: pcwoessner Patrick Woessner Seven Things Meme

Plurk: peregrinator

Twitter: elainej 

Elaine Roberts  http://www.ejroberts.com/2009/01/7-things-you-dont-need-to-know-about-me.html   
twitter.plurk: gkat Grace Kat My 7 things  
Twitter: roxanneglaser Roxanne Glaser 7 Things from VC Rox  
Twitter: shanehoward Shane Howard 7 Things You Probably Guessed About Me  
Twitter/Plurk dmantz7 Dean Mantz http://dmantz7.edublogs.org  
Plurk: MrsSmoke  Dyane Smokorowski  mrssmoke.onsugar.com/2674443   

Twitter:  unklar

skype:  mr-dunk

Second Life:  Unklar Klaar 

Mark Dunk 


Plurk/Twitter:Luke1946 Luke Allen ROFLMAO  
Plurk/Twitter:nycrican2 Nelly Cardinale nycrican2.edublogs.org/  
Twitter: mrpbps John Pearce 7 Things plus a bonus ToonDoo   
Plurk/Twitter: elizabethkoh Elizabeth Koh 7 things meme  
Twitter: michellerussell Michelle Russell 7 things meme
Twitter: TracyMurdach Tracy Murdach 7 Things  
Twitter & Plurk: iteachcomputers Erica Roberts 7 Things  
Plurk/Twitter: colemama Marie Coleman 7 Things ... Plus  
Plurk/Twitter butrflygirl Valaina Maher 7 Things Meme  
Plurk/Twiter nhill Nicole Hill 7 things blog post  
Plurk/Twitter lparisi  Lisa Parisi  7 Things Meme   
Plurk/Twitter: bethanyvsmith Bethany Smith 7 Things you don't need to know about me  
Plurk/Twitter:dougpete Doug Peterson 7 Things  
Twitter/jimconn Jim Connolly 7 Things  
Twitter:capohanka Carey Pohanka 7 Things  
Plurk/Twitter: heza Heather Dowd 7 Things  
Twitter: nsharoff  Nancy Sharoff  The ME ME Meme   


Selena Ward 

7 things 

Plurk: rbetts1710/ritabee Rita Betts 7 Things Blog  
Twitter: lthumann
Plurk: lisathumann
Lisa Thumann 7 Things  
Twitter:  cmtvarok Christy Tvarok Green 7 Things  
Twitter / Plurk = Cliotech Jennifer Dorman 7 Things Meme  

Plurk: megbg

Twitter: megbg76

Meg Griffin 7 Things Meme  
Twitter / Plurk: pearlgirl22 RJ Stangherlin

7 Things Meme

Twitter / Plurk: mrscoggin Amber Coggin 7 Things Meme  
Twitter/Plurk: cheryloakes50 Cheryl Oakes 7thingsMeme
Plurk: RobinMartin Robin Martin 7 Things  
Plurk: cobannon
Twitter: cobannon
Caroline O'Bannon 7 Things you (probably) didn't know about me  
Twitter: angelastockman  Angela Stockman  7 Things You May Not Know About Me   
twitter/plurk: bmuench Brenda D. Muench My Seven  
twitter/plurk: elemtech Pam Elgin 7 Things Meme  
Plurk: jjohnson  Jeff Johnson  Seven Things   
Plurk/Twitter: kcaise Kim Caise 7 Things about Me  
plurk: judyb64/twitter kansas_gee  Judy Beam  Coming soon I'm working on it  
Plurk/Twitter/Utterli: n2teaching Sheryl A. McCoy 7 Things You Don't Need to Know about Me!
Plurk: eplybon, Twitter: glad2be  Elaine Plybon  I'm It! The 7 Things Meme   
Twitter: fisher1000 Mike Fisher 7 Things Meme  
twitter: edtechworkshop  AndreaHernandez 7 Things About Me   
twitter: kellyhines Kelly Hines 7 Things Meme  

Plurk:  teryl_magee

Twitter:  teryl_magee

Skype:  poohanddtiggertoo 

Teryl Magee  7 Things Meme  
twitter: kolson29 Kate Olson Unnecessary Knowledge  
Join My PLN Clif Mims

7 Things You Don’t Need to Know about Me

Twitter: beckcollect Colin Becker 7 Things Meme  
Twitter: ldumicich Lisa Dumicich 7 Things Meme  
Twitter/Plurk: alicebarr Alice Barr
7 Things Meme
mmkrill Michelle Krill 7 Things Meme  







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Wow, this list has grown a lot since I last read some of these ... fantastic!

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